Coference Papers

01.Multicast Transmission Scheduling of Updates in Data Warehouse

Authors :By C.Sreedhar Reddy, A.Razia Sulthana

02.Designing Delay Insensitive Error-Correcting Unordered Codes for Robust Asynchronous Global Communication

Authors :By D.Rajasekhar, C.Hemasunderrao, Mohd.Shahbazkhan

03.Implementation of Supercapacitor Direct Integration Scheme for Renewable Systems Based on Diode-Clamped Three Level Inverter

Authors :By Ryapudreddi Santhiraju, Surya Narayana

04.Memory Based Multiplication Design Computation Based LUT Optimization

Authors :By G.Chaitanya Kumar Reddy, A.Balaji Nehru, Mohd.Shahbazkhan

05.Biologically-inspired visual features for target detection in satellite images

Authors :By Rajani.D.C

06.Advanced LFSR based Bist architecture for testing EMIFs for SRAM

Authors :By Bhanuchander, G,Shunmug Priya, A.Balaji Nehru

07.Implementation of AXI Design with DDR3 Memory Controller

Authors :By B.Ramaseshareddy , Y.Kavitha, C.Hemasunderrao

08.Low Complexity Multipliers Of Gf(2^m)

Authors :By Rajeshbolla, K.Uma Maheswari, C.Hemasunderrao

09.Design and Implementation of four port router by NOC

Authors :By P.Ashok Kumar, P.Pavan Kumar, A.Balaji Nehru

10.Power Factor Correction of Linear and Non-linear Loads Employing a Single Phase Active Power Filter Based on a Full-Bridge Current Source Inverter Controlled Through the Sensor of the AC Mains Current

Authors :By Penke Srinivas, Surya Narayana